Tooth Whitening Cost San Diego

Every dentist has the skill to provide tooth whitening services that makes the pricing very competitive. You can find coupons online in San Diego for bleaching your teeth for as little as $75 in an hour.

I want you to consider the math of this offer. What is the skill set of a dentist that can offer an hour of his time and his staff time as well as the overhead and equipment cost for $75 per hour?

The math does not paint a good picture. The only way to make a profit, yes dentists need to make a profit, is to have the staff do most of the work and sell additional services and products. I have nothing against dental staff. However, a part of the reason I go to my dentist is for examination and consultation. In my case, I have what my dentist call a grey tint to my teeth that make it much harder to whiten and takes longer too.

On top of that, I experience more tooth sensitivity than those who do not have this grey tint to my teeth. It was my dentist who examined my teeth and gum to make sure they are healthy, and the discolorations are superficial due to tea only since I don’t drink coffee, sodas or smoke. It was my dentist to advised his staff after the consultation and examination what strength whitening material or laser light setting to be used so that I can tolerate it. It was also my dentist who told me how to prepare my teeth before the whitening session and what to do afterwards to manage my sensitivity.

He, personally spend more than half an hour with me. His staff spend another 45 minutes with me only on my first session. He would have lost money had he only charged me $75, and I become suspicious when business men and business women offer me “free” gifts.

The cost of tooth whitening in San Diego may range between $245 to $500 based on the quality of care your receive and how much time that care requires. Also, these are estimates. Again, in my case, my dentist found something suspicious in the x-rays and it turned out that I needed a root canal. That increased the cost of my whitening even though it had nothing to do with it.

Would I have preferred not to know about the infection in my front teeth that would have cost me the tooth that I was trying to whiten? I am not talking about a molar hidden back where no one sees it. I am talking about the upper front tooth that is most visible in a smile.

I don’t think so.

Remember that tooth whitening is part of cosmetic care for your mouth which is the last stage in caring for the health of your mouth. When you compare costs, compare the quality of health care and the level of experience in that too. When it comes to the level of expertise, not all the dentist in San Diego have the same skill sets.